The trend in homes for several years has been to open up the floor plan to allow better flow between areas in the house.  This is for convenience and comfort.  In general it makes a home more inviting and no one ever feels isolated in different parts of the house.

When rehabbing older homes this can be especially difficult because they were never built with this in mind.  It often requires moving walls and these can and often are bearing walls.  What I’ve found is that just opening up some basic areas can have just as nice of an impact.

For this house (110 Deer Meadows Ct Ballwin MO) the kitchen felt like it was really isolated from the rest of the house.  Stuck in the corner of the house with a door between it and the dining room.

It made it dark and small feeling.  It didn’t provide for a good workflow if you were serving guests in the dining room.  And just generally looked very date.

Key to opening this wall is that it was a bearing wall.  Whenever you have to open up a bearing wall you have too make sure that it’s done correctly and a new header is placed in the opening.    Our contractor Andy of Better Builiding LLC  did a great job of accomplishing this.


As you can see this really opens up the space and makes if very inviting.  In the final design there will be an island that sits out in this place to make a nice staging area for the fine meals that will be served in this home.


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