You always hear that kitchens and baths sell a home.   This is so true especially when you’ve bought a house like the 110 Deer Meadows CT house which had an old outdated and rough design for a kitchen.

When you would walk in the kitchen you automatically felt like you were trapped in the wrap around U-shaped area.  You automatically faced the double oven when you walked in through the garage and the area was just all yellow and avocado green.  Lovely back in it’s time.

Designing a kitchen is very complicated.  You are having to find a good balance between space, looks and utility.  You have to understand the concept of the work triangle.  You have to make it function for the intended buyer of the home.  All of these are extremely complex decisions to be made.

Key to success is to get a designer involved to help you through this process.  A good designer will help you make the right decisions and layout all of the options and considerations for you.  The really great part is this can often be done without any increase in your budget because most kitchen and bath places hire professional and certified designers.

In our case we found Tracy Fehr of Modern Kitchens and Baths. He was able to take people with not a lot of skills and knowledge but a lot of ideas and really guide us to the right design for the kitchen at 110 Deer Meadows Ct.  The design was open allowing a better flow . And it was very functional in terms of offering more cabinet and counter top space.  And most of the colors and trim are of very classic styling allowing for this kitchen to stand as it is for a long time.


The design required us to open up the wall between the kitchen and the dining room, which was talked about in Openness blog entry.  I required laying out a new strategy for using the space and using new and modern concepts for the function of the cabinets.


To accomplish this we are including really nice touches such as our under surface round back single basin sink.  This allows for greater utilization of space and good clean design features.  To match this and to keep the beautiful crisp lines a very sophisticated faucet

As in all things in investing it all takes a team and we are lucky to be finding the team to work with us.


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It’s great to see progress

When we first took on the 110 Deer Meadows Ballwin MO house we knew it was going to be a pretty good size rehab.  We knew that there would be ups and downs during the process.  And we knew that nothing would happen quick.  We knew that the process would be complicated and worrisome. It’s proving to be all of those.  But that’s all part of the job.

All that said it is exciting when you start seeing some real progress.  We’re seeing paint, drywall and new walls coming in.  For example today we got to see the first wall with our new colors going up.  The ceilings and wall are looking great together.


The grays are going to be beautiful and very comfortable to work with for the future home owner.

Another big piece of progress was the opening up of the master bath.  When we originally walked into this house the master bath just felt like a small space and didn’t resemble a master bath at all.  So or design is to increase the size by about 50% and really put in nice finishes and lighting.  To do this our carpenter from Better Building LLC opened up the wall between the bathroom and the closet and removed the shower stall.  When all goes back in ti’s going to be so much larger and nicer.


It’s going to be awesome.  Even the hall bathroom is showing signs of progress.  The wall paper was all removed and within a couple of days will be ready for paint.  Even though it might not look like progress.   If you saw the guys removing all the wallpaper in the house you would understand the progress.



Let us know what you think.  Contact for any questions…..  Thanks for all your support


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The trend in homes for several years has been to open up the floor plan to allow better flow between areas in the house.  This is for convenience and comfort.  In general it makes a home more inviting and no one ever feels isolated in different parts of the house.

When rehabbing older homes this can be especially difficult because they were never built with this in mind.  It often requires moving walls and these can and often are bearing walls.  What I’ve found is that just opening up some basic areas can have just as nice of an impact.

For this house (110 Deer Meadows Ct Ballwin MO) the kitchen felt like it was really isolated from the rest of the house.  Stuck in the corner of the house with a door between it and the dining room.

It made it dark and small feeling.  It didn’t provide for a good workflow if you were serving guests in the dining room.  And just generally looked very date.

Key to opening this wall is that it was a bearing wall.  Whenever you have to open up a bearing wall you have too make sure that it’s done correctly and a new header is placed in the opening.    Our contractor Andy of Better Builiding LLC  did a great job of accomplishing this.


As you can see this really opens up the space and makes if very inviting.  In the final design there will be an island that sits out in this place to make a nice staging area for the fine meals that will be served in this home.


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Out with the old

The most amazing part of the house flipping business is the process of doing the rehab.  You have to start with a vision and plans of what you want to have the end result to look like.  This sounds a lot easier than it actually is.  But you have to start with start with something.

Once you have this vision the first step is to do the demolition.  Removing the old, out dated, dirty trimmings so that you can start to add new stuff. This in and of itself is a giant job, especially on a house the size of 110 Deer Meadows Ct Ballwin MO.  Finding the right crew is critical.  They need to be able to work fast, good and inexpensively.  I found a great crew and thanks go out to them.

Demo of this investment property was gigantic.   Over 1 1/2 tons of stuff were taken out of the house and all done in 2 days.

The best thing was the surprises we found.  Beautiful wood floors. Beautiful wood stairs and all the great spaces.

great wood floors
great wood floors
Rich flooring and great spaces
Great space with warm rich flooring


The layout for the kitchen which will be a great modern workable space really shows itself during the demo

img_0086 img_0084

Stay tuned.  We start opening walls today……. and final pics of the new high-tech garage door are coming next……

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Kitchen talk

Today is a big day at 110 Deer Meadows Ct Ballwin MO.  We are having several contractors showing up to do the planning of all of the pieces to get this house, “Home Ready”.

It’s amazing the number of people that you need to accomplish a project like this.  Painters, carpenters, flooring, electricians, landscaping and many others.  It truly does take a village.

One of our biggest undertakings is the kitchen.  It’s a complete redo and will have to be turned around to be a very functional inviting place.  kitchen.JPG

The cabinets are dated and are showing their age.  The wasted space at the top is really needed to insure that there’s plenty of space for everything.  The avocado double oven is so out of vogue and needs to be removed.    Flooring is aged vinyl, not really a good thing.  But mostly it needs to be gutted.

The plan is that there will all new wood cabinets with easy close drawers.  The counter top will be granite or quartz, depending on cost and styling requirements.  The back splash will removed with a more modern look, probably a subway tile layout.  The floor will be tiled with a new 6 X 12 tile. Walls will be patched repaired and wallpaper will be removed.  The double stoves will be removed and this will be the location for the refrigerator.  And finally the pantry will have new six panel sliding doors, and the interior will have new wire shelving installed and be painted.

Big goings on at S-Cubed.  We’ve got a great team to work with.




When I started this business I was told by my mentors always do a home inspection with a certified ASHI inspector.  It was driven into my head that the little I spend on this could potentially save me from making a really bad decisions.

In reaching the point that S-Cubed, Inc has reached up to this point this is so true.  We’ve had a handful of offers accepted that we ended up exiting because of inspection problems.  It not that we will always exit because of these problems, but we will try to negotiate a price reduction first.  We hate to bail on inspections.

One of the keys to the inspection is finding an inspector that you trust and who is readily available.  Luckily I’ve found that.

The house at 110 Deer Meadows Ct in Ballwin MO went through the same inspection that we always do and we found minimal problems.  As a matter of fact some of the things that I had slated as requiring rehab were actually able to be taken off the list.  That’s a bonus because in this business less work is always better than more work.

Another bonus of a good home inspection is that we can insure that we bring things up to current building codes. And upgrade the safety and comfort factors of homes.  An example is that often homes built in the sixties were wired with aluminum wiring.  There is actually nothing wrong with that kind of wiring, but it’s gotten a bad rap over the years.  The key is having the right kind of receptacles that are made for aluminum wiring.  Our inspector pointed that out and this house will have all  receptacles replace with the proper receptacles and ground fault circuits in the appropriate places.

The attention to detail to make a better, nicer and safer home for people who buy S Cubed Inc house is our highest priority.




This property was purchased from a fellow investor by MORE Investors a fully owned subsidiary of S-Cubed, Inc.  It was a very quick opportunity that popped up through the efforts of our realtor Leslie English and her team.  I honestly feel that you couldn’t find a better and more supporting team to work with.

This house was in the process of being purchased by another investor who just didn’t have the bandwidth to handle the project and handed it off the the S-Cubed, Inc team to take on.

Since a lot of the work was already done in preparation of their closing we were able to put all of the paper work together and quickly close in less than a week.  Responsiveness is a critical component to success.

Closing was the smoothest I ever experienced and just made the whole experience easy.

Now the house is ours and the real work begins.  Stay with us for the journey..