You always hear that kitchens and baths sell a home.   This is so true especially when you’ve bought a house like the 110 Deer Meadows CT house which had an old outdated and rough design for a kitchen.

When you would walk in the kitchen you automatically felt like you were trapped in the wrap around U-shaped area.  You automatically faced the double oven when you walked in through the garage and the area was just all yellow and avocado green.  Lovely back in it’s time.

Designing a kitchen is very complicated.  You are having to find a good balance between space, looks and utility.  You have to understand the concept of the work triangle.  You have to make it function for the intended buyer of the home.  All of these are extremely complex decisions to be made.

Key to success is to get a designer involved to help you through this process.  A good designer will help you make the right decisions and layout all of the options and considerations for you.  The really great part is this can often be done without any increase in your budget because most kitchen and bath places hire professional and certified designers.

In our case we found Tracy Fehr of Modern Kitchens and Baths. He was able to take people with not a lot of skills and knowledge but a lot of ideas and really guide us to the right design for the kitchen at 110 Deer Meadows Ct.  The design was open allowing a better flow . And it was very functional in terms of offering more cabinet and counter top space.  And most of the colors and trim are of very classic styling allowing for this kitchen to stand as it is for a long time.


The design required us to open up the wall between the kitchen and the dining room, which was talked about in Openness blog entry.  I required laying out a new strategy for using the space and using new and modern concepts for the function of the cabinets.


To accomplish this we are including really nice touches such as our under surface round back single basin sink.  This allows for greater utilization of space and good clean design features.  To match this and to keep the beautiful crisp lines a very sophisticated faucet

As in all things in investing it all takes a team and we are lucky to be finding the team to work with us.


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