It’s great to see progress

When we first took on the 110 Deer Meadows Ballwin MO house we knew it was going to be a pretty good size rehab.  We knew that there would be ups and downs during the process.  And we knew that nothing would happen quick.  We knew that the process would be complicated and worrisome. It’s proving to be all of those.  But that’s all part of the job.

All that said it is exciting when you start seeing some real progress.  We’re seeing paint, drywall and new walls coming in.  For example today we got to see the first wall with our new colors going up.  The ceilings and wall are looking great together.


The grays are going to be beautiful and very comfortable to work with for the future home owner.

Another big piece of progress was the opening up of the master bath.  When we originally walked into this house the master bath just felt like a small space and didn’t resemble a master bath at all.  So or design is to increase the size by about 50% and really put in nice finishes and lighting.  To do this our carpenter from Better Building LLC opened up the wall between the bathroom and the closet and removed the shower stall.  When all goes back in ti’s going to be so much larger and nicer.


It’s going to be awesome.  Even the hall bathroom is showing signs of progress.  The wall paper was all removed and within a couple of days will be ready for paint.  Even though it might not look like progress.   If you saw the guys removing all the wallpaper in the house you would understand the progress.



Let us know what you think.  Contact for any questions…..  Thanks for all your support


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