Out with the old

The most amazing part of the house flipping business is the process of doing the rehab.  You have to start with a vision and plans of what you want to have the end result to look like.  This sounds a lot easier than it actually is.  But you have to start with start with something.

Once you have this vision the first step is to do the demolition.  Removing the old, out dated, dirty trimmings so that you can start to add new stuff. This in and of itself is a giant job, especially on a house the size of 110 Deer Meadows Ct Ballwin MO.  Finding the right crew is critical.  They need to be able to work fast, good and inexpensively.  I found a great crew and thanks go out to them.

Demo of this investment property was gigantic.   Over 1 1/2 tons of stuff were taken out of the house and all done in 2 days.

The best thing was the surprises we found.  Beautiful wood floors. Beautiful wood stairs and all the great spaces.

great wood floors
great wood floors
Rich flooring and great spaces
Great space with warm rich flooring


The layout for the kitchen which will be a great modern workable space really shows itself during the demo

img_0086 img_0084

Stay tuned.  We start opening walls today……. and final pics of the new high-tech garage door are coming next……

You’re friends at S-Cubed Inc.


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