When I started this business I was told by my mentors always do a home inspection with a certified ASHI inspector.  It was driven into my head that the little I spend on this could potentially save me from making a really bad decisions.

In reaching the point that S-Cubed, Inc has reached up to this point this is so true.  We’ve had a handful of offers accepted that we ended up exiting because of inspection problems.  It not that we will always exit because of these problems, but we will try to negotiate a price reduction first.  We hate to bail on inspections.

One of the keys to the inspection is finding an inspector that you trust and who is readily available.  Luckily I’ve found that.

The house at 110 Deer Meadows Ct in Ballwin MO went through the same inspection that we always do and we found minimal problems.  As a matter of fact some of the things that I had slated as requiring rehab were actually able to be taken off the list.  That’s a bonus because in this business less work is always better than more work.

Another bonus of a good home inspection is that we can insure that we bring things up to current building codes. And upgrade the safety and comfort factors of homes.  An example is that often homes built in the sixties were wired with aluminum wiring.  There is actually nothing wrong with that kind of wiring, but it’s gotten a bad rap over the years.  The key is having the right kind of receptacles that are made for aluminum wiring.  Our inspector pointed that out and this house will have all  receptacles replace with the proper receptacles and ground fault circuits in the appropriate places.

The attention to detail to make a better, nicer and safer home for people who buy S Cubed Inc house is our highest priority.




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